48 RGB Colors
3 Primary, 3 Secondary, 6 Tertiary,
12 Quaternary and 24 Quinary Colors

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This chart is quite easy to read.
It consists of 48 rows of colors with the background set to that color.
Each row lists the color hexadecimal code and the color name is in one of the 5 category columns.
We collected color information from a great many books and websites to make this chart of 48 colors.
 HEX Code Primary Secondary Tertiary Quaternary Quinary
FF0000 Red
FF2000 Scarlet
FF4000 Vermilion
FF6000 Safety Orange
FF8000 Orange
FFAA00 Orange Peel
FFCC00 Amber
FFEE00 Golden Yellow
FFFF00 Yellow
DDFF00 Chartreuse Yellow
CCFF00 (Electric) Lime
AAFF00 Spring Bud
80FF00 Chartreuse
60FF00 Bright Green
40FF00 Harlequin
20FF00 Greenish Harlequin
00FF00 Green
00FF20 Free Speech Green
00FF40 Erin (Malachite)
00FF60 Spring Green
00FF80 Spring Green
00FFAA Medium Spring Green
00FFCC Aquamarine
00FFDD Bright Turquoise
00FFFF Cyan
00DDFF Deep Sky Blue
00CCFF Capri
0099FF Dodger Blue
0080FF Azure
0060FF Navy Blue
0040FF Cerulean
0020FF Vivid Navy Blue
0000FF Blue
2000FF Vivid Persian Blue
4000FF Ultramarine
 (Bright Indigo)
6000FF Electric Indigo
8000FF Violet
AA00FF Electric Purple
CC00FF Purple
DD00FF Psychedelic Purple
FF00FF Magenta
FF00EE Vivid Orchid
FF00CC Cerise
FF00AA Vivid Cerise
FF0080 Rose
FF0060 Razzmatazz
FF0040 Crimson
FF0020 Torch Red

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