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The hardest-working programmers are at 1728 !!!

"Yeah I know -- I'm in 1726 !!! The racket they make keeps me awake all night !!!
Hey keep it quiet in there !!!"

Number of People Who Regret The Day They Ever Visited This Site

We at 1728 are a multi-national multi-trillion dollar conglomerate that utilizes a diverse, needs-based, re-contextualized strategy, which produces implemented computer architecture that has a diverse, explicit, needs-based client-server model, thereby maximizing the efficiency of public-key bifurcated groupware ...................Oh Please give me a break !!!!!

100% Authentic Computer Gibberish !!!


Okay - you want the truth? "You can't handle the truth"Well, I'm juat a 65 year old big fat bald guy living in a tool shed in Pasaic, New Jersey.

Actually, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

We here at 1728 Softwairrre Systims are rather proud of our little chunk of the Internet. Sure we could have chosen a smaller number, but we decided to spend the extra money and go all the way to 1728 !!!

Why did we choose the number 1728 ? Well it was the year of birth of the chemist Joseph Black (the discoverer of Carbon Dioxide !!!) We consider this to be the single most important development in the entire history of humankind (If you don't count fire, the wheel, agriculture, steam engines, double entry bookkeeping, the Flo-Thru teabag, the Clapper, the Chia Pet...)

If that doesn't make 1728 easy enough to remember, how about this? I'm sure we're ALL familiar with the number 5,159,780,352. Well, merely take the cube root and you get.......1728 !!! Is that easy or what ?

We also are very proud of the awards our site has won. For one thing "the corporation" (a site well worth visiting)

chose our web page to be worthy of the Top Floor Site award.

If that's not enough, they also awarded us the TOP 95% AWARD !!!

Do you realize that only 19 out of 20 sites can ever hope to qualify for that award? Think you've got what it takes to meet those stringent requirements ? Then by all means,visit their site but don't be surprised if your site doesn't live up to their rigid standards.

But things weren't always this rosy at 1728. Oh no far from it. At first our site was rarely visited. It was then that we decided to embark on a fierce campaign of Internet promotion. In no time at all, our site went from relative obscurity to total oblivion. Keeping that in mind, we asked ourselves what do people want and/or need from the Internet? Yet we wanted a webpage that offered what NO other site was offering. We then designed our 152 page extravaganza - Indonesian Topsoil Management of the 15th Century (Volume I)!!!

Needless to say, our Internet strategy needed serious rethinking. So then we came up with a fantastic yet simple and cheap idea of making incalculable wealth !!! All we needed to do was to...............

We interrupt this epic saga to bring you ......... the Incredibly Useless link!!!





We now continue with our story already in progress.


.....resulting in our becoming a 100 trillion dollar corporation !!!

Reasons to use this site ?

-- It is dishwasher safe.

-- It is non-fattening.

-- Won't cause cavities.

-- It is safe for all fabrics.

-- It will not harm the family pets.

-- It can make mounds and mounds of mouth-watering coleslaw -- for just pennies !!!!!

So you don't forget, order before midnight tonight.

Offer VOID where prohibited.

Batteries NOT included.

Some assembly required.

Discontinue use if any of the following occur:

--Bleeding from the hair

--Uncontrollable desire to play Chutes and Ladders

--Excessive macarena dancing

--Small animals start charging their long distance calls to YOUR telephone bill.

That's it for now,

Good night.

Drive safely.

Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Your Mileage may vary.

More to be added later ????????


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