Video & Film Frame Calculator

This calculator has been extensively rewritten.
If you find any inaccuracies, please send us an E-Mail [email protected]
and you can you always use the previous calculator here.

This calculator can add subtract or multiply:
60 frames per second VIDEO
50 frames per second VIDEO
30 frames per second VIDEO
25 frames per second VIDEO (called the PAL Standard)
24 frames per second FILM.

ADDITION and SUBTRACTION are done simply by
• selecting the frame rate
• clicking ADD or SUBTRACT
• entering the appropriate data in the first 2 rows and then
• clicking CALCULATE for your answer.

MULTIPLICATION is just as easy.
• select the frame rate
• click MULTIPLY
• enter the data on the first input line
• enter the multiplication factor on the third line
• click CALCULATE for the answer.

This calculator is quite versatile. Here's one interesting example.
Suppose you wanted to know the value of 14000 (30 fps) video frames.
Click on the 30FPS button.
Click ADD then enter 14000 in the frames column.
Click CALCULATE and look at the result.
It equals 7 minutes 46 seconds and 20 "30 FPS" Frames.

Good luck calculating !!!

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