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When inputting the numbers, use no commas, dollar signs or per cent signs.
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Use this calculator when the annuity is being "built up".
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An annuity is a type of retirement plan in which:
• the same amount is invested each period and
•the interest rate remains fixed.

This calculator allows you to input payments that are made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.

This calculator also has the option of solving for any of the 4 variables of an annuity.

To use the calculator, first choose the payment period (yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.)

• Next, click on the variable you don't know
• Input the other 3 numbers
• Click on the "CALCULATE" button
• the answer is then displayed

Scroll down for further instructions.

Payments Are Made

Do you want to solve for

This type of annuity is called an ordinary annuity, which means that when payments are made, they are applied at the end of each period.

Taking an example from Wikipedia, what is the present value of a 5 year ordinary annuity with an annual interest rate of 12% with monthly payments of 100.00?

First, click "MONTHLY" then click "PRESENT VALUE", then enter a monthly amount of 100, for 5 years at 12% interest.

We click "CALCULATE" and our answer is $4,495.50.

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