Buzzword Generator
Creates Over 1 Million Phrases !!!
So, do we really need to add to the bloated vernacular of modern language? Well, it is nice to speak plain English (or whatever your chosen language happens to be).

Still, you might have a business school term paper?
Or a sales presentation?
Or a company report that needs to have an official-sounding yet still incredibly non-specific catch-phrase?
Well, this is the place for you!.

Think of how impressed your audience will be if you extol the virtues of your company's new product because it features a "cloned regional interface", a "visionary 3rd generation extranet" or a "synchronized fault-tolerant protocol".

The instructions for this handy little tool are quite simple. Click the "Enter" button and you get one "catch-phrase" per click. Actually, after the first mouse click, you can then press "ENTER" on your keyboard to get all the catch-phrases you want.

If you are wondering, this program was written by a centralized global workforce utilizing a function-based clear-thinking projection that produced a re-engineered human-resource framework ................................

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