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Click "RESET" to clear all the boxes.

This calculator is very easy to use but it works slightly differently from most handheld or desk calculators.
For one thing, you can choose how many significant figures you want by scrolling to the bottom and entering a number. (The default is 5 significant figures).
Numbers from -999,999 to 999,999 will not be in scientific notation but bigger and smaller numbers will be.
Here's some examples to familiarize yourself with this calculator.
Input 24 into box Number 1 and
Input 3 into box Number 2.
Clicking "ADD" will give the answer 27.
Clicking "SUB" = 21
Clicking "MUL" = 72
Clicking "DIV" = 8
Of these four buttons, the only ones that are just a little tricky are "SUB" and "DIV".
For subtraction, it is number 2 being subtracted from number 1.
For division, it is number 1 being divided by number 2.

Finally, the "num1^num2" button is a handy tool to have.
Basically, it raises the number in box 1 to the power of the number in box 2.
Clicking "num1^num2" gives an answer of 13,824 which is 24 to the third power. If you need to know the square root of 24, input .5 in the second box click "num1^num2" and you get 4.899 - the square root of 24.
If you need the cube root, input .3333333333 in the second box and then click "num1^num2" for the answer, which is 2.8845.

Significant Figures >>>

The default numeric display is 5 significant figures.
Numbers > -1,000,000 and <1,000,000 are NOT in scientific notation.
You can change the display option by changing the number in the box above.
Entering a zero eliminates all formatting.

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