When an adjective describes a noun but that adjective is derived from a different root than the noun, it is known as a collateral adjective.
For example, canine is the collateral adjective for dog.

It is helpful to familiarize yourself with collateral adjectives because they have a scientific, scholarly, intellectual appeal that can make an article you are writing sound much more impressive.
For example, which sounds better to you?
Hunting and tracking are useful doggy capabiliities or
Hunting and tracking are useful canine capabiliities?
  A *** A *** A
  abdomen   ventral
  abdominal cavity   celiac
  actor, acting   histrionic, thespian
  adjective   epithetic
  aesthetic pleasure   sensuous
  aging  geriatric
  agriculture   geoponic
  air   pneumatic
  alphabet   abecedarian
  amber   succinic
  animal   zoological
  ankle bone   astragalar
  ant   formic, myrmecological
  anteater   myrmecophagine
  antimony   stibial
  ape (or monkey)   simian
  Aphrodite   cytherean
  apple   malic
  aristocratic   genteel
  Aristotle   peripatetic
  arm   brachial
  armadillo   dasypine
  armpit   axillary
  arrangement (order)   tactical
  arrow   sagittal
  ash   cinerary
  ass (animal)   asinine
  author   auctorial
  B *** B *** B
  baby   infantile
  back (lower part)   dorsal
  back of head   occipital
  badger   meline
  barber   tonsorial
  bat (animal)   chiropteran, vespertilionine
  bathroom   lavatorial, lavatory
  baths, bathing   balneal
  bear   ursine
  beaver   castorine
  bee   apian
  beeswax   cerotic
  beginning   initial
  bell   tintinnabulary
  bile   cholic
  bird   avian, ornithic
  bird of prey   raptorial
  birth   natal, parturient
  birthday   genethliac
  bishop   episcopal
  Black Sea   euxine
  bladder   cystic, vesical
  blood   hemal, hematic, hemic, hematal, sanguineous
  blood vessels   vascular
  bodily motion   gestic
  body   corporal, corporeal, somatic, carnal
  bone   osseous, osteal, osteoid
  book   bibliographic
  boxing   pugilistic, fistic
  brain   cerebral, cerebric, encephalic
  branch   ramal, ramiform
  branched   bifurcated
  branching patterns   ramiferous, cladistic
  bread   panary
  breast   mammary, mammilary
  breastbone   sternal
  bridge   pontine
  brother   fraternal
  bud   blastous
  buffalo   bubaline
  building   edificial
  bull   taurine
  business   commercial
  butter   butyric
  butterfly   papilionaceous, lepidopterous
  buttock   gluteal
  buzzard   buteonine
  C *** C *** C
  camel   cameline
  car   automotive
  cat   feline
  cattle   bovine
  chalk   cretaceous, calcareous
  cheese   caseous
  chest   thoracic, pectoral
  chicken   galline
  child   juvenile, puerile
  chin   genian
  China   Sinitic
  china (tableware)   ceramic
  church   ecclesiastical
  citizen   civic
  city   urban, civic, metropolitan
  clock   horological
  clothing   sartorial
  coin (medal)   numismatic
  comb   ctenoid, pectinate
  cooking   culinary
  copper   cupric, cuprous
  countryside   rural, rustic, bucolic, agrestic
  courts   forensic, juridical
  cow   bovine
  crab   cancrine
  cross   cruciate, cruciform
  crossword   cruciverbal
  crow   corvine
  D *** D *** D
  dance   terpsichorean
  daughter (or son)   filial
  dawn   auroral
  day   diurnal
  dean   decanal
  deer   cervine
  desert   xeric
  devil   diabolic/diabolical, satanic
  dog   canine
  dolphin   delphine
  donkey   asinine
  dove   columbine
  dream   oneiric
  dusk   crepuscular, twilight
  E *** E *** E
  eagle   aquiline
  ear   aural, otic
  east   oriental
  Easter   paschal
  education   didactic
  eight   octonary, eighth
  elbow joint   anconoid
  elderly  geriatric, gerontic
  elephant  proboscine
  end   final, terminal
  equinox   equinoctial
  evening   nocturnal, vespertine
  eye   optic, ocular, ophthalmic
  eyelid   palpebral
  F *** F *** F
  fall   autumnal
  fat   adipic, sebaceous, corpulent
  father   paternal, agnate
  finch, (& other small birds)   fringilline
  finger (or toe)   digital
  fir   abietic
  fire   igneous (refers to volcanic rock)
  fish   piscatorial, piscine, ichthyic
  five   quinary, fifth
  flesh   carnal
  flood   diluvial, diluvian, clysmian
  fog   brumous
  foot (body part)   pedal
  forest   sylvan
  forestry   arboricultural, silvicultural
  forked   bifurcated
  four   quaternary
  fox   vulpine
  France (or French)   Gallic
  frog   ranine, batrachian (also applies to toads)
  G *** G *** G
  garden   horticultural
  gemstone   lapidary
  ghost   spectral
  giraffe   giraffine
  Glasgow   Glaswegian
  glass   vitreous
  goat   caprine, hircine
  god   divine
  gold   auric
  goose   anserine
  governor   gubernatorial
  grass   gramineous
  Greece (or Greek)   Hellenic
  guardian   tutelary
  gums (dental)  gingival
  H *** H *** H
  hair   pilar
  Halifax   Haligonian
  hamster   cricetine
  hand   manual
  hare / rabbits / pikas   leporine, lagomorphic
  hawk   butine
  hearing   auditory, aural
  heart   cardiac
  heat   thermal, caloric
  heather   ericaceous
  hip joint   sciatic
  hippopotamus   hippopotamine
  hog   suilline
  home   domestic
  horse   equine
  hyena   hyenine
  I *** I *** I
  ice   glacial
  Ireland   Hibernian
  iron   ferric, ferrous
  island   insular
  J *** J *** J
  jail   carceral
  jaw   maxillary, gnathic
  Jupiter   jovian
  K *** K *** K
  kangaroo   macropidine
  kidney   renal, nephritic, nephric
  king   regal, royal
  L *** L *** L
  lake   lacustrine
  law   legal
  lead (metal)  plumbeous
  Leeds   Leodensian
  left   sinistral
  leg   crural
  leg bone   fibular, tibial
  letter (missive)   epistolary
  life   vital
  light (physics)   photic, optic, optical, luminous
  lion   leonine
  lip   labial
  liver   hepatic
  lizard   saurian
  lobster   homarine
  love   amatory, amorous
  lung   pulmonary
  M *** M *** M
  machine   mechanical
  man   anthropic, masculine, virile
  marble   marmoreal
  marriage   nuptial, conjugal, connubial, hymeneal, matrimonial
  mating   nuptial
  meal   prandial
  meaning   semantic
  mercurial   hermetic
  milk   lactic
  mind   mental
  mirror   specular
  mist   brumous
  Monaco   Monégasque
  money   pecuniary, financial
  monkey (ape)   simian
  moon   lunar
  morning   matinal, matutinal
  mosquito  aedine
  moth (butterfly)   lepidopterous
  mother   maternal
  mouse   murine
  mouth   oral
  N *** N *** N
  nail / claw / hoof   ungual
  name   nominal
  neck   cervical
  nephew   nepotal
  nerve   neural
  Netherlands   Dutch
  night   nocturnal
  nine   nonary, ninth
  north   boreal
  nose   nasal, rhinal
  noun   nominal
  O *** O *** O
  ocean   thalassic
  octopus   octopine
  oil   oleic
  one   primary, first
  owl   strigine
  P *** P *** P
  parish   parochial
  parrot   psittacine
  peacock   pavonine
  pearl   margaric
  penis   phallic
  people   demotic
  pig   porcine
  plant   botanical
  possum   didelphine
  pottery   fictile
  porcupine   hystricine
  porpoise   phocaenine
  python   pythonine
  Q *** Q *** Q *** Q
  queen   reginal, royal
  R *** R *** R *** R
  rabbits / hares / pikas   lagomorphic
  raccoon   procyonine
  rain   pluvial
  religion   theological
  rib   costal
  right   dextral
  river   fluvial
  river bank   riparian
  rodent   glirine
  S *** S *** S
  San Marino   Sammarinese
  sailor   nautical
  sarcasm   sardonic
  Saturn   saturnine
  Scotland   Caledonian
  sea   maritime, marine, pelagic
  seagull   larine
  seahorse   hippocampine
  seal   otarine, phocine
  seven   septenary, seventh
  sheep   ovine
  shepherd   pastoral
  ship   nautical, marine, naval
  shore   littoral
  shrew   soricine
  sight   visual
  sign   semiotic
  sister   sororal
  six   senary, sixth
  skin   dermal
  skunk   mephitine
  skull   cranial
  sky   celestial
  sleep   hypnoid
  slug (mollusk)   limacine
  smell   olfactory
  snake   serpentine
  snakelike   anguine
  snow   niveous, nival
  son (or daughter)   filial
  sound   sonic, acoustic
  south   austral
  Spain   Hispanic, Spanish
  sparrow (& perching birds)   passerine
  speech   verbal
  spider   arachnoid
  spring (season)   vernal
  squirrel   sciurine
  stamp (postal)  philatelic
  star   stellar, sidereal, astral
  starch   farinaceous, amyloid
  stomach   gastric
  sulphur   thionic
  summer   estival
  sun   solar
  surface   superficial
  swan   cygnine
  Switzerland   Helvetian, Helvetic
  symbol   semiotic
  T *** T *** T
  table   mensal (especially dining table)
  tail   caudal
  tailor   sartorial
  taste   gustatory
  teacher   pedagogical
  ten   decimal, denary, tenth
  three   ternary, tertiary, third
  threshold   liminal
  throat   pharyngeal
  thunder   fulmineous
  tiger   tigrine
  time   temporal
  tin   stannic, stannous
  toad (frog)   batrachian
  toe (or finger)   digital
  tongue   lingual
  tooth   dental
  tortoise   geochine
  touch   tactile, haptic
  town   urban
  turtle   chelonian, terrapine
  tree   arboreal, dendroid
  truth   veracious
  twilight   crepuscular
  two   dual, binary, second
  U *** U *** U
  uncle   avuncular
  underworld   chthonic, infernal
  V *** V *** V
  Venus   Cytherean
  vinegar   acetic
  vulture   aegypine
  W ***W ***W
  walk   pedestrian, ambulant
  wasp   vespine
  water   aqueous
  wax   cerotic (specifically, beeswax)
  weasel   musteline
  weather   meteorological
  week   hebdomadal
  west   occidental
  whale   cetaceous
  wife   uxorial
  wind   eolian (less commonly aeolian)
  window   fenestral
  wine   vinic
  wing   alar
  winter   brumal, hibernal, hiemal,
  wire   funicular
  wolf   lupine
  wood (forest, trees)   sylvan
  woodpecker   picine
  woman   feminine
  word   lexical
  worm   lumbricine
  wrist   carpal
  Y *** Y *** Y
  yak   bosine
  year   annual
  Z *** Z *** Z
  zebra   zebroid, zebrine, hippotigrine
  zero   zeroth


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