Complex Number Calculators
for Multiplication, Division
and Square Roots
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Complex Multiplication & Division Calculator

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Complex Square Root Calculator

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These calculators are for use with complex numbers - meaning numbers that have the form a + bi where 'i' is the square root of minus one.

Do NOT enter the letter 'i' in any of the boxes.

A complex number such as 3 + 5i would be entered as a=3 bi=5.

For a complex number such as 7 + i, you would enter a=7 bi=1.

If entering just the number 'i' then enter a=0 and bi=1.

When DIVIDING, it is important to enter the denominator in the second row. For example:
-9 + 38i divided by 5 + 6i would require a = 5 and bi = 6 to be in the 2nd row.

To learn about imaginary numbers and complex number multiplication, division and square roots, click here.

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