Converts Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Time

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The default numeric display is 5 significant figures.
For easier readability, numbers that are
greater than .001 and less than 1000
are NOT in scientific notation.
You can change the display option by changing the number in the box above.
Entering a zero eliminates all formatting.

The "drop-down" menu of the Ultra Converter is grouped into 5 categories:
1) Length
2) Area
3) Volume
4) Mass
5) Time
Within each category, the units are sorted by alphabetical order.

If the Ultra Converter seems too complex, please try these simpler converters:

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If you are looking to convert units of Velocity, Force, Pressure, Energy, Power, Density,
Flow (Volume/Time), Flow (Mass/Time), Luminance, or Illuminance then go to the
Ultra Converter 2


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