Greek, Roman and Norse Gods and Goddesses
  G R E E K         R O M A N       G O D     O F:   NORSE
  *******   Janus   beginnings/endings; entrances/exits; doorways; keys
  Apollo   Apollo   light, prophecy, healing, music and poetry   Baldur
  Ares   Mars   war   Tyr
  Boreas   Aquilo   the North Wind
  Cronus   Saturn   the harvest, time
  Dionysus   Bacchus   wine and winemaking
  Eros   Cupid   love
  Eurus   Vulturnus   the East Wind
  Hades   Pluto   the underworld   Hel
  Helios   Sol   the sun   Sól ¹
  Hephaestus   Vulcan   fire, metalworking, forging   Thor ²
  Hermes   Mercury   roads, cunning, invention, commerce, theft; messenger of the gods   Hermod
  Hesperus   Vesper   the evening star especially Venus
  Hypnos   Somnus   sleep
  Morpheus   Morpheus   dreams, sleep
  Notus   Auster   the South Wind
  Poseidon   Neptune   the sea, water, earthquakes   Njord
  Silenus   Silvanus   the forest
  Thanatos   Mors   death
  Uranus   Caelus   heaven; the sky
  Zephyrus   Favonius   the West Wind
  Zeus   Jupiter / Jove   the heavens; king of the gods   Odin
  G R E E K   R O M A N   G O D D E S S     O F:       NORSE
  Aphrodite   Venus   love and beauty   Freyja
  Artemis   Diana   hunting  Skadi
  Athena   Minerva   wisdom   Sága
  Atropos   Morta   death - one of the three Fates - cuts the thread of life
  Chloris   Flora   flowers
  Clotho   Nona   one of the three Fates - spins the thread of life
  Demeter   Ceres   grain, agriculture  Sif
  Enyo   Bellona   war
  Eos   Aurora   dawn
  Eris   Discordia   discord, chaos
  Gaia   Terra / Tellus   the earth
  Hebe   Juventas   youth   Idun
  Hecate   Trivia   magic, sorcery
  Hera   Juno   marriage, women; queen of the gods   Frigga
  Hestia   Vesta   hearth
  Hygeia   Salus   health, cleanliness
  Irene   Pax   peace
  Iris   *******   rainbows
  Lachesis   Decima   fate - one of the three Fates - measures the thread of life
  Mnemosyne   Moneta   memory
  Nike   Victoria   victory
  Nyx   Nox   night
  Peitho   Suadela   persuasion
  Persephone   Proserpine   queen of the underworld   Eostre
  Selene   Luna   the moon
  Themis   Justitia   justice and order
  Tyche   Fortuna   fortune, luck

Although there are a multitude of comparisons between Greek and Roman gods, the comparisons with Norse Mythology are not as exact.
For example,
¹ Helios and Sol from Greco-Roman Mythology are the gods of the Sun but in Norse Mythology, Sól is a goddess.
² Thor is usually thought of as the god of thunder. However, since Odin is ruler of the heavens, wouldn't he be the one responsible for controlling thunder and lightning?

There are many characters in Norse Mythology that have absolutely no comparison to Greco-Roman Mythology.
For example, the god Heimdallr guards the Rainbow Bridge or the Bifröst, which spans from Earth to Asgard, the mythological realm of the Norse gods and goddesses.

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