Tone Circuit
Unlike a standard tone control which just cuts the high frequencies, this modification cuts the bass frequencies. This is especially useful for guitars with humbucking pickups because humbuckers have a tendency to produce many low frequencies. This modification produces a sound that is much sharper than what you would normally hear from your pickup.
To hear what this circuit does, click on this link to a youtube video:
bass-cut circuit

Building the Circuit

Before you begin, (as we've said many times), doing any unauthorized modification on your guitar could void your warranty or decrease its resale value.


This circuit should be easy to build as it requires just 5 capacitors and and a six position rotary switch.
We suggest that you start by soldering the 5 capacitors and the one wire to the 6 slots on the rotary switch.
Next, take the free ends of the capacitors you just soldered and twist those around each other.
Now (looking at the diagram), you must cut the "hot" lead from the volume control to the guitar output jack. (these have been labeled A and B).
Now, solder the end of the rotary switch with the attached capacitors to point A then solder the common terminal of the switch to point B.

Plug your guitar into an amplifier and enjoy the new sounds you just created!

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