Basic Math

Fraction Addition Tutorial   Explains Numerator, Denominator and Common Denominator.

Fraction Calculator   Adds and subtracts fractions.

Fraction Calculator and Tutorial   For Multiplication and Division of Fractions.

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Palindromes   These are words or numbers that read the same forward or backward. Read about their mathematical properties.

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Logarithm Calculator   Calculates decimal logs, natural logs, binary logarithms and antilogs (inverse logs) for any number base. A very useful and user-friendly logarithm calculator.

Percentage Tutorial and Calculators - Part 1   Basic concepts of percentages

Percentage Tutorial and Calculators - Part 2   Percent Increase & Decrease

Arithmetic Quiz  Generates 5 random problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division with 3 levels of difficulty for each.
You could say these are "flash cards" for the cyber-age.

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