Ultra Calculators

These calculators have menus which allow you to choose from a great many input units. For example, the first calculator offers you the choice of seconds, minutes, hours, days plus eight other units for inputting time. The velocity and distance menus also have twelve input choices each.

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Velocity   Time   and   Distance   Calculator

Density   Mass   and   Volume   Calculator

Flow   Rate   Calculator   Solves for Volume, Time or Rate.
Flow   Rate   Calculator   2   Solves for Pipe Diameter, Velocity or Rate.
Energy   Calculator   Solves for Mass, Velocity or Energy.
Freqency / Wavelength   Calculator   Utilizes the formula f = c / λ to solve for freqency, wavelength and energy.
Kepler's   3rd   Law   Calculator   Solves for Mass, Radius or Time.
Gasoline Mileage Calculator   Accepts input in miles, kilometers, US gallons, UK gallons, liters, miles per US gallon, miles per UK gallon, liters per kilometer and liters per 100 kilometers.
Ohm's Law Ultra Calculator   Accepts input and displays output in volts, millivolts, microvolts, amps, milliamps, microamps, ohms, kilohms, megohms, watts, milliwatts, microwatts.
Escape Velocity Ultra Calculator   Accepts input and displays output in many different units to calculate escape velocity and surface gravity.

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