Regular Polygon Calculator
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To see a listing of the 22 polygons that have integer angles, click here.
Regular Polygons

This calculator works only for regular polygons - those polygons which have ALL sides equal & ALL interior angles equal.
The figure below shows a regular octagon.
The outer circle surrounding it is called a circumscribed circle (or circumcircle) and the inner circle which is surrounded by the octagon is called the inscribed circle (or incircle).
Angle EAB is one of the 8 interior angles.
Angle EAF is one of the 8 exterior angles and equals central angle ACB.
Line AC (which also equals Line EC) is called the circumradius (the radius of the outer, circumscribed circle).
Line DC is called the inradius or the apothem (the radius of the inscribed circle).
To see a list of the 22 polygons that have integer angles, click here.

Input data in the first 2 boxes on the right, then click 'Calculate'.

Sum of Interior Angles = (Number of Sides -2) • 180 degrees

Number of Sides = (Sum of Interior Angles ÷ 180) + 2

Each Exterior Angle = Each Central Angle = (360 degrees) ÷ (Number of Sides)

Polygon Names
Sides     Name Sides     Name Sides     Name
    3     triangle     9     nonagon   15     pentadecagon
    4     quadrilateral       10     decagon   16     hexadecagon
    5     pentagon   11     hendecagon   17     heptadecagon
    6     hexagon   12     dodecagon   18     octadecagon
    7     heptagon   13     tridecagon   19     enneadecagon    
    8     octagon   14     tetradecagon       20     icosagon

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