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This will calculate salary (including overtime) as well as hours worked. The employee's hourly rate is to be input in the box directly to the right of the "Hourly Rate" label.
This calculates overtime (1.5 times the pay rate) when the total hours are greater than forty. Most companies don't follow this rule and "time and a half" is paid only after 40 hours have actually been worked. This is the reason for using the "OT Adjustment" input box.
For example, for an 8 hour workday, if an employee worked 48 hours for that week, he would be paid for 40 hours at the regular pay rate and 8 hours at the overtime rate. However, if one of those days was a holiday, then the employee would earn 48 hours at the regular pay rate and no overtime rate would apply.
In this case, for the holiday, an 8 would be entered in the OT adjustment box and overtime would then be calculated after 48 hours have been worked.
Depending upon your company's rules, sick time, personal days, etc. may also need to be corrected by an entry in the "OT Adjustment" box.


1) There is no need to enter time as 'a.m.' 'p.m.' or '24 hour' time.
2) Instead of entering times with a colon (e.g. 11:30), use a decimal point.
    So 11:30 is input as 11.30 (or for greater ease, just enter 11.3)
    Whole hours may be entered without any decimal points.
3) In order to get a total in the right hand column, all four boxes in that row must be filled in.

4) IMPORTANT >>>>>   If an employee has NO 'break' in their daily hours, enter their 'IN' and 'OUT' times in the first 2 columns and then zeroes for the second pair of 'IN' and 'OUT' times.
5) When an employee's weekly time has been entered, click 'CALCULATE' to obtain the totals.
6) Hit 'RESET' to clear the boxes so that the next employee's hours may be input.
7) Totals are shown as hours and not as hours and minutes.

NOTE: If the total hours seem a little confusing to you, (for example, 7.45 total hours do not mean 7 hours and 45 minutes) then click here to see a helpful conversion chart.

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