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New Website Pages - 6 simple machines

Vector Addition Calculator   Up to 10 vectors can be input.

Vector Addition Tutorial

Parallel   Resistor Calculator   Up to 10 values can be input.

Resistor Color Code Calculator   A handy tool even though it is not essential for studying physics.

American Wire Gauges  NOT a calculator but a handy reference that states diameters of wire sizes from number "0000" to number "40" (in inches and millimeters) as well as resistance in ohms per 1,000 feet and ohms per kilometer.

Electromagnetic Frequency and Wavelength Calculator   Also calculates photon energy.

Sound Frequency and Wavelength Calculator

Ohm's Law Ultra Calculator

Resonant Frequency Calculator

Gravitational Force Calculator

Relativity Calculator   Calculates Relativistic Changes In Time Length and Mass For Objects Approaching Light Velocity.

Mass To Energy Calculator   Uses the Legendary Formula E=mc² to compute the energy equivalent of a mass.

Energy To Mass Calculator   Same as above but this calculates the mass equivalent of a specified amount of energy.

Pendulum Period Calculator   Calculates Large Amplitude Pendulum Periods up to θ14 and
                  calculates exact pendulum periods using the (agm) arithmetic-geometric mean.

Atmospheric Pressure Calculator   Calculates Altitude when you input Atmospheric Pressure and
  Calculates Atmospheric Pressure when you input Altitude.

The Six Simple Machines

These aren't calculators but are nonetheless informative.

      The Index Page
      The Lever
      The Pulley
      The Wheel and Axle
      The Inclined Plane
      The Wedge
      The Screw

∎   ∎   ∎   ∎   ∎   ∎   ∎

      Classical Mechanics   Not a calculator. Instead it describes the units used in classical mecahanics and defines   the quantites used, such as velocity, acceleration, force, energy and power.

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