As you know, this website is very popular and we would estimate that at least 99.99% of you are honest and know and obey copyright law and Internet etiquette. This page is not meant for you.

Instead, these terms of use are for that small percentage of our visitors who think anything posted to the Internet is free for the taking, without giving credit and free to use on their websites, on message boards, etc.
Well, things do NOT work that way.

Terms of Use

By using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Permitted Uses:

»All pages at are free for your non-commercial, personal use. By "free" we mean that there is no charge for your visiting any webpage but this does NOT mean free to copy software, graphics, text, etc. WITHOUT getting prior permission from 1728 Software Systems.

»Links from your website to pages are allowed, provided that the links are only to 'htm' or 'html' files.

»Some websites only allow links to their main index page. We permit links on your website to any page located at

»Although we do not require your notifying us of your intent to link to us we would appreciate prior notification.

»If you wish to put any information, graphics, text, calculators, etc from onto your website (or any message board):
    we MUST have prior notification
    you MUST state it is the work of 1728 Software Systems and
    you MUST put a link on your site back to our homepage.

»Your right to link to will be revoked if your site is deemed inappropriate ("hate" websites, illegal activity, etc). The final decision rests with 1728 Software Systems.

Prohibited Uses:
»Linking only to an object at this website (examples - graphics files, sound files, etc). Besides violating copyright laws, this is bandwidth theft.

»Unauthorized copying of any webpage, calculator, tutorial, graphic, etc for use on another website, message board, etc without receiving prior permission from 1728 Software Systems.

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