Astronomy Calculators

Magnitude   Determines brightness, luminosity, apparent and absolute magnitude.

Advanced Magnitude Calculator   Distance, Luminosity, Apparent and Absolute Magnitude - if you know two, this calculates the other two.

Kepler's 3rd Law   Calculator for rudimentary T²=R³ computations.
Kepler's 3rd Law Advanced Calculator   This allows mass to be brought into the T²=R³ equation.

Escape Velocity Ultra Calculator   Calculates escape velocity and surface gravity.

Synodic Period Calculator   Calculates synodic period.

A tutorial about opposition, conjunction, quadrature and synodic period is located here.

Angular Size Calculator   Accurate for angles up to 180 degrees.

Solar System Calculator   For use in calculating a solar system model to scale.

"Supermoon" explanation   why the Full Moon's apparent size can vary.

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