Periodic Table

Periodic Table   More than just a listing of the elements. This also explains electron configurations and "s" "p" "d" and "f" orbitals.

Orbitals and Electron Configuration   Like the above page, this also explains electron configurations and has a calculator that will display the electron configuration of any element.

Periodic Table - Classified   This shows the elements classified as metals, transition metals, post transition metals, metalloids and non-metals.

Electrons and Electron Shells   This explains the electron configurations of electron shells.

Gas Laws

Boyle's Law Calculator

Charles' Law Calculator

Pressure Law Calculator

Combined Gas Law Calculator

Graham's Law of Diffusion Calculator


STP Calculator  Data Is Input In Liters, Kelvin and Torr

Advanced STP Calculator  Has Multiple Data Input Options For Volume, Temperature and Pressure.

STP Calculations  A tutorial on how to do STP calculations.


Half-Life Calculator   Solves for Beginning Amount, Ending Amount, Elapsed Time or Half-Life.

Radioactive Decay Calculator   Displays activity in 10 increments between 2 time periods. Each of the 10 increments calculates , the absolute activity, the activity factor and the number of half-lives that have elapsed.
It has a menu of 70 isotopes and allows you to input half-life values not on the list.

Half-Life Equations   This is not a calculator. Instead, this page displays the equations used in solving for Ending Amount, Beginning Amount, Half-Life or Elapsed Time.
Also, gives an explanation of the Radioactive Decay Constants (lambda, λ and "k").

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