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Interactive Color Selectors or Color Pickers

  27   Colors   An interactive color selector.
Colors are chosen and displayed by their compressed hexadecimal values. Moving the mouse over the "HEX" numbers makes the foreground and background colors change.
(e.g. white = FFF   red = F00   blue = 00F).

  64   Colors   As above but for 64 colors.

  125   Colors     125 color choices

  216   Colors   216 color choices

  729   Colors   729 color choices.

  4,096   Colors   4,096 color choices.

  16,777,216   Colors   A huge amount of color choices and hexadecimal values.

  16,777,216   Colors   Same as above but only the background colors change.

  Input   Color   Value  
Numbers are entered in Hex, RGB or Decimal. The background will change to that color and the text changes to its inverse.
For example, inputting 0000FF changes the backgorund color to blue and the text color to yellow.

Color Palettes
These are color displays and not interactive.

  27   Color Palette

  64   Color   Palette

  125   Color Palette

  140   Color   Palette

  216   Color   Palette

  729   Color   Palette

  4,096   Color   Palette

  16   Color   Palette   Displays the 16 Predefined HTML Colors.

  RGB   Color   Palette   Over 400 colors.

  1,600   Color   Palette   If you need to know the HEX Code for desaturated cyan (or if you just want to see what the color looks like), this is the page for you!

Fonts, Characters, Tutorials

Codes for Displaying These Fonts and Symbols:

Greek Letters

Cyrillic (Russian) Alphabet

Belarusian Alphabet

Braille Alphabet

Modified Latin Letters and Modifiers

"ALT   KEY"   Characters   Chart of special characters not found on keyboards. (such as ² ™ ± • ½ ¿ etc   (Symbols from "ALT" 128 to "ALT" 0255)

HTML   Character   Entities   Codes to display special characters: (such as ÷ ø £ ⅔ ☠ ⌀ ☢ ☯ )

MATHEMATICAL SYMBOLS Codes from "∀" through "⋇"

Codes from "⟐" through "⬅"


Core   Fonts   A chart of the eleven fonts found on all computers.

100   Fonts

Symbol   Display   Chart

Fonts Grouped Into 6 Categories

HTML   Tutorial   Part 1

HTML   Tutorial   Part 2

Color Tutorials

  Color   Tutorial   Explains the 12 RGB Colors:

• the 3 Primary (Red, Green, Blue)
• the 3 Secondary (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) and
• the 6 Tertiary Colors (Orange, Chartreuse, Spring Green, Azure, Violet, Bright Pink)
with a color palette showing all TWELVE of these colors.

  Color   Tutorial Part 2   Explains color hexadecimal codes and colors of the rainbow.

  Color   Tutorial Part 2a   Lists 24 RGB Colors and their hexadecimal codes.

  Color   Tutorial Part 3   Explains the 48 RGB colors
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary and Quinary
and their hexadecimal codes.

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