Miscellaneous Calculators

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Perpetual Julian Date Calendar
Non-Metric   "Adding Machine"   Adds Feet & Inches, Pounds & Ounces, Quarts & Cups, Minutes & Seconds, etc.
Exponential Growth Calculator   Solves for Beginning Amount, Ending Amount, Rate and Time.
Exponential Growth Calculator   Same as above but this is based on natural logs.
Factorial and Derangement Calculator   Do you need to know how many different ways you can arrange the letters ABCD or how many ways you can arrange 1234 in which 1 isn't in first position, 2 isn't second. 3 isn't third and 4 isn't fourth? Then visit this calculator.
Combination Calculator   Do you need to know in how many different ways 'r' elements can be selected from a larger set of 'n'? For example, do you need to know in how many ways can you choose 6 numbers from a set of 40? Then visit this calculator.
Number Base Converter   Directly converts from Base 2 through Base 16.
Prime   Factor   Calculator   Determines all the prime factors for any number less than ten billion.
Body   Mass   Index   Calculator   This will accept input in kilograms, stones, pounds, meters, feet and inches.
Music   Chord   Calculator   Click on the key then the chord type and the notes of that chord will be displayed.
Music   Chord   Chart   Two tables - One has notes of every key and the other lists note numbers of each chord.
Put the two together and you have the notes of a chord.
Basic   Calculator   Has the 4 fundamental functions - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and does exponentiation, square roots, etc.
Video and Film Frame Calculator   Accepts input for 24, 25 and 30 frames per second.

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