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Here's a link to what we consider to be the BEST World Time Clock on the Internet. It also has a tremendous perpetual calendar section. This site is fantastic! But don't take our word for it, go to Time and Date:


Do you like electronics, amateur radio, etc? Then pay a visit to the RF Cafe:


Looking for a good link to help you with math and science calculations? Yes, 1728 doesn't always have all the answers but that's why we post all these links. A good website covering an extensive range of subjects with clearly written explanations is eHow


Do you need help with a physics problem?   How about posting your question to the Physics Forums?


Bad Astronomy is actually a website for "good" astronomy facts, links, news and so on. So how does it earn its "bad" name? By exposing the mistakes about astronomy reported in newspapers, television and movies. Such sources unfortunately are rife with mistakes about astronomy. Luckily, people such as Bad Astronomy's Phil Plait put the media back on the proper astronomical track. This is a top-notch site authored by a well-informed, well-credentialled astronomer.
Please pay a visit to:


Here's a good website that teaches basic math resources and has calculators:

Internet 4 Classrooms


Looking for more math websites? One of the better ones, iFigure, is located here:


A tremendous website for extremely precise scientific data is The National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly the National Bureau of Standards). This is a highly professional, scientific website that will meet the needs of even the most exacting scientist or web surfer. NIST is a United States government agency and so you know the website and its content can be regarded as impeccable.

Here is a good place to start - their subject index.

Click here for the NIST list of the International System of Units (SI)

Click here for the NIST list of Conversion Factors


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