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Digitally Correct !!!   Rewritten Oct 2008 and it's very user-friendly. If you've clicked on this before, please try it again because the changes have made quite a difference. This is a fun game - even though it does require logic and deduction - but don't let that scare you away - Go on give it a try !!

Mathematical Magic Trick   Think of a number from 1 to 63 and the computer will guess your number.

Another Mathematical Magic Trick   Have someone pick 2 random numbers. Add these numbers to make a series of ten and (knowing this trick), you can add all 10 numbers in your head. This is a little known and very impressive number trick.

Test Your Wits With These Puzzle Pages:
Page 1   Page 2   Page 3  

Try Your Luck With   The Virtual Lottery


Yes most people call this the yin yang symbol but its real name is the taijitu.
Want to know how to draw it? Then click right here


You might recognize this as the symbol for the Wankel Rotary Engine but it is actually called a Reuleaux triangle.
Want to know how to draw it? Then click right here
. ****************************************************************************************

Buzzword   Generator   Need an impressive-sounding catch phrase such as "front-line systematic contingency" ? Then this is the web page for all your "multi- lateral full-range infrastructural" needs !!

Mullethead   Calculator   Are you a mullethead? Find out by clicking that link.

Band   Name   Generator   Need help naming your band? This will generate over ten million band names like "Disappointed Helium Pirates". Give it a try.

Do you wish to see a few VERY Long Words?
Then just click right here.

Learn How to Make Magic Squares
Odd Magic Squares  
Doubly Even Magic Squares  
Singly Even Magic Squares  

Getting more serious here, do you need help getting a Science Project idea? Try this one concerning the
US Lincoln Cent OR go to the Electricity Tutorials (upper right) for more ideas.

Automotive Calculators

¼ Mile Calculator

Horsepower to Air Flow Calculator

Horsepower, Torque and RPM Calculator If you know two of these, this will calculate the third.

Gas Mileage Calculator

Tire Toe-Out Calculator

Automobile Rake Angle Calculator

Computer Mouse Modification

Here's an electronics project to utilize your electronics knowledge.
This modification replaces the left mouse button with just 2 wires that are much easier to "click".

Computer Mouse Modification

About 1728

Want to learn a bit about 1728 Software Systems and browse a few links to external websites ?   Click   Here

Want the funny, tongue-in-cheek, wacky, half-baked story of 1728 ? (It's guaranteed to contain at least 3% truth) Then Go To:   1728-The Story, The Legend, The Number !!!

Electricity Tutorials

Want to learn electricity fundamentals? (or get more Science Fair ideas?) Then go to:

1) Basic   Electricity   Tutorial - SWITCHES   OR

2) Basic   Electricity   Tutorial - RELAYS

American   Wire   Gauges
Diameters of wire sizes from number "0000" to number "40" (in inches and millimeters) as well as resistance in ohms per 1,000 feet and ohms per kilometer.

Electric Guitars

Now that you know electricity fundamentals, let's see those at work by reading about:

Basic Electric Guitar Wiring Page 1

3 Single Coil Guitar Mod

Another 3 single Coil Guitar Mod

Miscellaneous Switching Mods

Guitar Solo Switch

2 Humbucker Mod Using 5 Toggle Switches

2 Humbucker Mod Using 7 Toggle Switches

2 Humbucker Mod "Jimmy Page Wiring"
Edited April, 2015 to add circuits that have no dead spots.

2 Humbucker Mod "Trey Anastasio's Wiring"

Greasebucket tone circuit

Bass-cut tone circuit

Bass-cut and Treble-cut tone circuit

Series Parallel Master Switch for 2 Pickup Guitar

Humbucker Coil Cut Switching

Humbucker Coil Cut Through a Resistor

Humbucker Pickup Wire Colors

Inside of a Humbucker

How a Humbucking Pickup Works

Here's a different modification - no wiring - no soldering

An alternative guitar stand


Musical Information

Music   Chord   Calculator   Click on the key then the chord type and the notes of that chord will be displayed.

Music   Chord   Chart   Two tables - One has notes of every key and the other lists note numbers of each chord.
Put the two together and you have the notes of a chord.

Musical   Frequencies   This displays music frequancies from 27.50 Hz through 4,186.01 Hz
This covers all the notes of a piano keyboard.

Strictly For Fun

Cricket   Chirp   "Thermometer"   This is not just folklore. A cricket's chirping rate is a fairly accurate indicator of the temperature.

A Brief   History   of PI   Just some quick facts about pi calculations and accuracy.

The 12 Days of Christmas   Lists the gifts for each day and shows Grand Totals for each gift.

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